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Updated by Natan Schleider, M.D. March 21st, 2021


Before we offered psychiatric care in NYC AND primary care in NYC we were average patients who lived in New York City.

We noticed some issues:

First of all  NYC psychiatrists ONLY dealt with anxiety, depression, and other common mental health  / psychiatric problems. So they couldn’t even evaluate us for strep throat? Why not, I mean, didn’t they go to medical school.

The second issue: NYC primary care physicians would treat most common medical conditions, but almost always sent us to a NYC psychiatrist for anything mental health care related. That made no sense. For example, if ‘flight related anxiety’ was our concern, NYC PCPS referred us for NYC Psychiatry care. They might sooner advise a few alcoholic drinks at the bar to relax than prescribed a handful of if needed non-controlled anti anxiety medicines? Again, that made no sense to ue.

Dr. Natan Schleider, M.D. recalls the following:

I travelled from Manhattan to Brooklyn, from uptown to downtown. Finding a psychiatrist who worked with my insurance and friendly and accessible was impossible.

After an hour in a crowded waiting room, I’m hustled into a tiny exam room.

The psychiatrist rushed in. ‘Your GP wouldn’t prescribe you Prozac 10 mg, the oldest safest SSRI there is, why?!’ she said.

Before I could shrug she was out the door. My prescription drifted down to the exam table like a feather. The thirty second consult was over.

On the way out, I payed my 20 dollar copay, a lot of money for a college student with six figures of student debt. I was ‘lucky’ according to the receptionist that a follow up appointment was available in exactly 30 days—exactly when I would have zero pills left.

Why did I have to see different doctors to treat my brain and my body?

The concept of one-stop shop is hardly new, it’s a cliché.

Believing that New York City patients benefit from NYC  psychiatrist care AND primary  care under one roof became out goal,

Dr. Natan Schleider, a primary care physician and addiction medicine doctor specializing in mental health, called his friend  Dr. Marc Epstein, a NYC Psychiatrist. They joined forces.

Now NYC Psychiatry and Primary Care Physicians  care for New York for our NYC office or via telemedicine, whichever is best for the patient.

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